Women are Equal to Men

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              Politically-correct Kool-Aid® is now being served at the fellow traveler's refreshment stand ... Alice had her own bottle of Drink Me elixir!

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              As an indoctrinated ideologue [sic: a delusional true believer] of the grossly fabricated Big Lie, you are cordially invited to drink some red Kool-Aid® to help you swallow the insidious falsehoods that are masquerading as authentic facts in the Brave New World of progressive reformation.

              The sum of factoids and statistics proves that, even with every advantage and a perpetual majority, the female of the species is not, has never been, and will never be dominant ... with the isolated intermittent exception always proving the rule.

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              Inequality is implicit among evolving species due to mutation and natural selection ... it's an incontrovertible fact of life, not a debating point.

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              Woman is, by any social or scientific calculation, not equal to the counterpart male of her species; being either superior or inferior, exclusive or excluded in any particularity.

              The truth of the matter is that life is intrinsically unfair, that humans are innately imperfect, and that competition is inherently inequitable. Mere survival is ruthless and indiscriminate. The struggle for survival is brutal, so extraneous discriminations and artificial distinctions are distractions that can jeopardize existence ... of the self, of society, of culture, of civilization.

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              In short, life is a bitch, so learn to live with and within its authentic reality ... or not ... it matters not at all! ... when the cockroaches and worms inherit your eccentric dystopia, they won't even notice your misguided proclamations and salacious declarations.

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"A cock has great influence on his own dunghill."
by Publilius Syrus, Sententiae #397 (first century BC)
"The sun shineth upon the dunghill, and is not corrupted."
by John Lyly, Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit p43 (1578)

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